Thursday, May 31, 2012

Toe Dippin'

Anyone who knows our family knows what beach people we are.  When my nephew was born, my mother introduced a celebration known as a "Toe Dippin'" where babies are introduced to OUR beach (Orange Beach, AL on the Gulf of Mexico), our family beach house, and everything else that our family loves about the beach.  This ritual has usually taken place during the baby's first trip to the beach.  Both my nephew and niece were almost a year old when their toes were dipped.  Carter was not a fan (he fussed), but Callen was delighted (she tried to crawl toward the water).  Since Memorial Day weekend was LE's first trip to the beach, Bamma made plans for her toes to be dipped this trip.

We had a full house for the weekend.  Steve came down Thursday afternoon, as did Bamma, Big Pat, LE and I.  Sue, Nick, Carter and Callen arrived late Thursday night.  Emily and Ken came in Friday afternoon.  It was nice to have the family all together for a change, even though it was short-lived.  Steve turned 30 Friday and part of his birthday trip was fishing in a tournament over the weekend, so he left Friday night after having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him and having some of his chocolate ice cream birthday cake.  Carter and Callen were GLAD to help him eat it!

Since the Willis' got in so late Thursday night, LE and I were already asleep. Carter and Callen were glad to see us when they got up Friday morning and they spent some time playing with and talking to their newest cousin.

Saying "Good Morning" to everyone
Loving on LE
Talking to LE
Checking out LE on her blanket
Callen dancing while Carter shares his "Giraffy" with LE (this is a HUGE deal!)
Spending some time talking to Big Pat
LE has not wanted to nap during the day, so that along with being in a new environment was not the best combination to induce sleep.  Aunt Sue, who now has the distinction of being the "Baby Whisperer," got LE down and she took a 3 hour nap Friday.  (It hasn't happened since.)  Saturday, Ken and I took LE shopping at the outlets and she slept the entire time we were there.  We then went to's for a late lunch and got to eat most of it before she woke up hungry.

Loving on Bamma
Aunt Em is a natural! 
Enjoying Uncle Steve's birthday cake (and making sure Uncle Ken doesn't "sneaky snake" any) 
"Bamma, I LOVE chocolate!"
Sunday was the day of the Toe Dippin'.  In addition to our family, Bamma had invited Jack, Papa Smith and Mama Jane, and the Johnsons--Cynthia, Brad, Ella, and Drew--to join us for the event.  The plan was to dip some toes and then have a bar-b-que lunch.  LE had on the swimsuit that Jack had given her and it just so happened that Callen had the exact same suit!  At the appointed time, everyone gathered on the dock and I ceremoniously dipped LE's toes in Terry Cove Harbor.  She was NOT impressed!

Cousins in the same suit!
Ready to have some toes dipped
The Dippin'

She was NOT happy!
That water was COLD, Mom!
The Johnsons

With Jack after recovering from the shock
Nap buddies--both completely worn out!

Monday, after the majority of the family had left, it was just Bamma, Big Pat, LE and I.  Bamma was entertaining LE and showed her the baby in the mirror.  LE was fascinated!  She smiled and talked to that baby and just had the best time.
The Baby in the Mirror

The entire weekend was wonderful!  Thank you to everyone for coming and a HUGE "Thank You" to Bamma for organizing it, cooking a wonderful lunch, and orchestrating a weekend I won't forget!

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