Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Since school started two weeks ago with only 171 days left until summer, I haven't had an opportunity to update this blog. My aim today is to cover the past several weeks in short order.

The last weekend of summer break, Ken and Bogie joined me for a long weekend at LBF for some fun in the sun (among other places). Ken wanted to be sure to show Bogie all the interesting sights of Orange Beach, so we went several places--Tacky Jack's for breakfast, the Flora-Bama for afternoon cocktails (where we met up with friends), and Cosmo's for dinner. Ken and Bogie also went to lunch at Papa Rocco's, but I opted to hang out at the house (more on that later).

Tacky Jack's

Jason, Bogie and Ken on the deck at the Flora-Bama

Jackie and Ken at the Flora-Bama

Ken and me after taking a turn around the dance floor

While Ken and Bogie were at the Papa Rocco's, I chose to hang out at the house with...

Carter and Sue

Since Sue had already started her maternity leave, she and Carter flew to Pensacola and Mom picked them up. They stayed for several days, which was great, since that means that I got another opportunity to see them this summer. It was so much fun to play and swim with Carter. He is SUCH a character!

Ken reading a "Big Al" book to Carter

Last weekend, we had a surprise visit from Angie! We had an impromptu party at my house and several folks were able to join us. It was great to visit with Angie, as always, and I hope that she gets back down this way soon.

Me, Kathy, Angie, and Jason

This past Friday night, Ken and I went to dinner at The View with Cynthia and Brad. The last time we went out with them was in January, so it was WAY past time for us to get together again. We had a long, leisurely dinner and it was wonderful to spend time with them. We laughed and talked and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I don't think we'll wait so long until we get together again.

Ken, Brad, Me and Cynthia at The View

Cynthia and Me in the Gold Room

So, that's what's been going on for the last few weeks. I'll try to do better about updating in the future!