Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playful Porpoises

Spring Break is, now, just a fleeting memory, but a good time was had by all at LBF! Friday night and Saturday were spent in the continuing saga of "putting everything in its place." By Sunday night, we were ready for a break. After relaxing on the deck for a little while, Mom, Dad, Puppy and I made our way out to the dock to take a look at La Bella Figura at night.

What a beautiful sight to behold!

It rained most of Sunday and Monday, so we were relegated to those things that could be done indoors. Monday afternoon, friends arrived! Marion, Suzanne, Tish, Mom and I had lunch at Doc's, headed back to LBF for the guided tour, and then took off for the outlet mall. We made the best we could of the rain by shopping and then headed back to the house since it was "Five O'Clock Somewhere!" We went to dinner at Cosmo's and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Tuesday was beautiful and we spent most of the day poolside. We ventured over to Perdido Key for beverage shopping and dinner at the Shrimp Basket.

Wednesday, we again lazed by the pool for awhile until the furniture for the 'Bama room arrived. It is a wicker type furniture with red themed cushions and looks GREAT in the sun room. (Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the furniture before it was rearranged to accommodate the satellite equipment. See Friday.) The ladies left us shortly after 2:00 to head back to "The Ham," and Mom and I headed over to the Satellite Dish company to talk to them about setting up installation. Steve arrived about 8:00 that night and I went with him to retrieve the boat. Dad arrived about midnight.

Steve and Dad got up Thursday morning with the idea of going Cobia fishing. They got the boat ready and headed out...with four porpoises leading the way.

Unfortunately, the Cobia didn't cooperate and they were unable to catch our dinner.

The Owner and his Captain

While Dad and Steve were cleaning up from their trip, several porpoises came into the harbor to play. They were fun to watch and I learned that when they are fishing, they flip over so that their belly is just under the surface. This makes it really easy to watch them in the water because their underbellies appear white.

Got one!

I was in charge of dinner Thursday night and made stuffed shells with marinara--YUM! They were a big hit with the family and we ate until we were full.

Friday was spent waiting on the "installers" from the satellite dish company. One installer arrived before noon, but didn't have the proper number of pieces for all nine "hook-ups" that needed to be installed, so he left. Mom went into overdrive and called the woman at the company we had been dealing with who assured Mom that she would take care of this situation. After the woman was on the phone for two hours with the installers, she called Mom back and assured her that it would be taken care of that day. Finally, at 3:30, we had one guy and a trainee show up. After 8 1/2 hours, we FINALLY had everything installed!

Saturday was extremely windy, so Dad and Steve didn't take the boat out. Mom and I went to Pensacola to Joe Patti's Seafood to get some shrimp for dinner. When we got back, we spent the rest of the day outside. It was sunny but cool because of the wind gusts. The porpoises returned and were fishing again.

Searching... (Notice the fish above and to the left of the head of the porpoise trying to get away.)


And another!

A successful catch

I thoroughly enjoyed Spring Break and got to practice more using my camera. I'm looking forward to heading south to LBF again in the near future, with Ken in tow, and hope to see the porpoises at play again!