Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pool Day

Ken was able to come down for a second time this summer and LE and I were so glad to see him.  We spent most of Friday out by the pool and made sure that LE got plenty of pool time too!

Feet are going non-stop in the pool

She likes to splash, most often splashing herself in the face!

Time out for a pool-side snack
Jackie was able to come over and spend time with us as well.  She even brought dinner--a VERY tasty seafood lasagna which we devoured.  We had such a great day, even ending with an impromptu dance party in the living room!

Happy to see Jack

Movie star material

Splashing is so much fun!

Dance Party!
It was so nice to have Jack and Ken here.  I love that we have so many opportunities spend time with our families!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Thursday, July 19, LE and I had some welcome visitors--Papa Smith and Mama Jane!  They were staying in a condo on the beach and came over to visit and to take us to lunch.  LE was very happy to see them.

Mama Jane enjoyed feeding LE.

Papa Smith is glad that LE let go of his nose!

Lately, I've noticed that LE crosses her feet often when she is lying down or sitting.  The first time we saw her on the ultrasound, she was doing the same thing.  It is such a cute thing and I continue to enjoy watching her grow and develop her own personality.

Look at those feet!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun In The Sun (well, kinda)

LE and I are having a BLAST at the beach!  She is growing and changing so quickly.  It is so much fun for me to watch her do and try new things.

One of the new things that she's been introduced to in the past week is applesauce.  Since she'd tolerated the rice cereal so well, after a week (with Bamma's encouragement), I introduced her to applesauce.  LE seemed to take to it right away.  Now two days later when I'm trying to feed her, she bucks until she can taste it!  I've taken to mixing the rice cereal WITH some applesauce so she gets the taste, but still eats the cereal.

Look how big those eyes are!  I think she likes it.
Ken came down for several days this past week.  It was so wonderful to have him here.  He couldn't get over how big LE has gotten and all the things that she's doing now.  I wanted Ken to be the one to put LE in the pool for the first time and we invited Jackie to come witness LE's "pool debut."  Jack offered to make gumbo (which was FABULOUS), so Ken got the shrimp.  While he was peeling and deveining them, he had more "help" than he wanted!

T.V.'s idea of helping is waiting for a handout.
Sue left a "baby floatie" down here that she had used with Callen.  It's really intended for a baby who can sit up, but since we weren't going to have LE in the pool that long AND we were going to be holding her, we tried it out.  It seemed to work.  LE loved splashing, kicking, and playing in the water.  She even surprised herself a couple of times by splashing herself in the face!
Getting ready

Trying it out

Playing with Jack

Three Generations
We are currently waiting for "the entertainers" to return.   They will be with us for the next week and I have no doubt that things will be going NON-STOP the entire time!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Four Months

LE is four months old today!  I can't believe how rapidly the time has flown by.  Bamma made the comment this morning that sometimes the individual days go slowly, but, overall, time moves quickly.  How right she is!  LE has spent the last week at the beach with her cousins and has been THOROUGHLY entertained by them.  And she has also learned how to squeal--something I attribute to trying to say her part among all the voices she hears.
I've found my feet!

Hanging out with "the entertainers"
I am enjoying watching her reach so many different milestones and look forward to her continued growth.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Experiences

LE and I left home and headed for the beach at the end of June.  My plan is for us to stay at our family beach house for as long as possible.  So far, things are going well.  Because we are in a different environment, coupled with the fact that LE is growing and changing rapidly, there are some new things that she is experiencing while we are at the beach.

We had only been here a few days when LE rolled over from her back to her tummy.  I had put her on her back on her play mat and walked into the kitchen to make some lunch and when I turned around, she was on her tummy!  I was excited and surprised, but immediately grabbed my camera, put her back on her back and she did it again!



Almost there...

She got it!  (And she's NOT happy!)
We always seem to spend the majority of our time outside by the pool.  Since LE is too young for me to put sunscreen on right now, I've kept her on the shaded portion of our pool decking either in her bouncy seat or the Pa.ck 'N Pl.ay.  As a result, she is kept cool by the breeze and often falls asleep.

It's nice to sleep outside in the breeze.
Because we are outside so much, I also realized that LE might need a hat to keep her face shaded.  She hasn't seemed to object to it much.

So stylish
LE has been eating 8 ounces of formula consistently for awhile now.  For the last few days she has been getting EXTREMELY agitated about three hours after eating and is hungry again.  As a result, I decided to go ahead and start her on rice cereal.  Her first attempt was today, July 4, and she did not seem to like or dislike it at this point.  We'll keep trying!

After the first few spoonfuls

I think I might like my hand better!

Wearing most of it