Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This morning, we had brunch with the Willis clan and my mom and dad at my parents' house. There was A LOT going on! Before the Willis family arrived, we had an Easter "fashion show," of sorts.

Bamma sporting her bunny ears

Big Pat getting in on the bunny ears action

Big Pat as an Easter Lily

Ken, with me, sporting his somewhat frightening version of the Easter Bunny

When the Willis's arrived, things picked up. After greeting everyone, we all went outside to watch Carter find the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden.

Miss Easter Lily with Uncle Ken

Carter trying out the Sit'n'Spin the E.B. left for him at Bamma and Big Pat's house

Hunting for Easter eggs

However, the Easter egg hunt was not even a close second to Carter's favorite past time--GOLF! He quickly gave up the Easter basket for his golf bag.

Prepping for his golf game

Callen was very content to sit in the floor and dump all the eggs out of the basket

Callen loved the noise and the eggs scooting all over the place; Bamma and Big Pat got a kick out of it too!

Brunch was fantastic! My mom made a ham, asparagus, mushroom, egg and cheese casserole that was delicious and my sister made "sticky bums" (to quote Carter) which were a big hit. My contribution was a fruit salad and we followed all of that with a strawberry shortcake that my mom made. Everything tasted wonderful!

Ken and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the family. The only down side was that we were missing Steve and Miss E.M., but we hope that we can all get together again really soon!