Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pure Joy

Ken and I took Lola with us to LBF this past weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any good pictures of her swimming. She found the pool when we arrived Friday night and was in HEAVEN! When she got up Saturday morning, she immediately wanted to go swimming again, so back into the pool she went. She swam so hard and so long Saturday that she whimpered and moaned until about 1:00 A.M. because she was so uncomfortable--she couldn't wag or even lift her tail! (Fortunately, she was on the ground floor--and Ken was with her--so my parents didn't hear her.) She swam a little more Sunday, just to loosen her muscles up a little, but she really did more splashing with her paws than anything. Lola always looks like she is having the best time when she's in the water--there is a look of pure joy on her face!

Next time, I'll try to do a better job with my photography and get some pictures.

(I found out from my friend, Julie, today that Lola was suffering from "limp tail syndrome" and that her Lab, Jake, gets it when he swims too hard. She was glad to know that he was not the only dog to do that.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This past weekend, Sue and Carter came to visit while Nick played golf with friends in Decatur. It was great to be able to spend time with Carter and Sue after such a long dry spell. We were all happy to see them.

I went over to Mom and Dad's Friday afternoon and saw the result of Carter's tussle with the concrete. (Unfortunately, the concrete won and left a shiner on Carter's forehead as a reminder.)

Both Ken and I went Saturday evening to have dinner--stuffed manicotti and key lime cake--and visit. I took Carter a stuffed frog, since I love frogs, and he toted it around for awhile before ceremoniously dumping him in the wagon and dragging him through the upstairs of the house. Carter kept us all entertained before heading to bed, and then we had dinner.

Carter and the frog

Dragging Mickey and Frog in the "Carter-sized" wagon

Sue, with her cute new haircut, sees if the granola is fit to eat

Uncle Steve tickling Carter while he waits for his dinner

Forget mac 'n cheese; Carter's layin' with the 'Nana Puddin'

Mom talks to Dad, but I'm sending him a text

Bamma loves on Carter before bedtime

Sue and Carter

It was great to visit with Sue and Carter, but we all wished it could have lasted longer, and we missed seeing Nick! We all hope you can head back this direction soon...and at some point, on a permanent basis! We love y'all and miss you!