Monday, June 25, 2012


Lately, LE has been ALMOST rolling over from her back to her front on her play mat.  She gets 95% there, can't figure out what to do with her pinned arm, gets frustrated, and rolls back onto her back.  Saturday, I was in the kitchen making bruschetta, so I put her on her play mat so I could talk to her and watch her while I worked.  Below are a few pictures of one of her attempts.

LE likes interacting with the animals on her play mat.

Mom, why are you down here on the floor with me?

I can't get this arm to move!

Hmmmm...maybe if I chew on my hand, that would help.

Doesn't seem to be working so well.

Ok, that's enough.  I've had it!

It's fun to watch her.  I know she'll be there really soon and then there will be no stopping her!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Ken's first Father's Day was rather low key.  LE and I got up early to make the coffee and let Ken sleep in a little since he is the one who usually gets up with her in the morning.  We had a nice breakfast at home and just relaxed.  About 2:00 P.M., went over to Ken's dad's house to wish Papa Smith Happy Father's Day.  We had a late lunch, visited for a little while and then Little Miss decided to get tired and fussy, so we headed home.

Daily, Ken continues to show me what a good Daddy he is through his interaction with LE.  I hope he enjoyed his Father's Day and I look forward to more celebrations the three of us can share.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

One Decade

Friday, Ken and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary by having dinner with our friends, Brad and Cynthia, at Ruth's Chris.  I can't believe how quickly these ten years have passed.  It seems like just a short while ago that we were engaged!  Ken is such a wonderful man in so many ways.  He is supportive, helpful, loving, and extremely funny.  So much has happened in these last ten years and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful partner to share my life with.  I am looking forward to what the future holds for us because I know that, no matter what, we can handle it together!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Going Visiting

Saturday, LE and I had some errands to run.  I also had a disk of pictures from Steve's 30th birthday party that I wanted to drop by his house.  After checking to see that (1) he was awake and (2) he was home, LE and I stopped by.  Em was in Mobile playing tennis, so we visited with Uncle Steve for a little while.  LE was sleeping when we got there, but Uncle Steve "encouraged" her to wake up so he could hold her.

As we were leaving, I called Sue to see if they were home.  They were, so we decided to stop by their house for an impromptu visit with Carter and Callen.  They were excited to see us, particularly since it was such a dreary day.  Almost as soon as we got in the door, Carter and Callen were telling us that they had some "cold things" for LE.  Turns out, they had four teething items that they had no more use for and they were happy to donate them to LE.

Everyone--yes, EVERYONE--wanted a turn holding LE.  After about an hour of visiting, LE started to get fussy, so we took our leave.  LE promptly fell asleep before we got out of their driveway.

We had a such nice visit with the cousins and I hope that we can all get together again soon!

Carter loving on LE

Callen insisted on having a turn
(And I was THRILLED!)

Everyone making LE smile

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Months

Today marks LE's three month birthday!  To her mother's delight, she has started napping during the day a little (although most naps last only 45 minutes--I'll take what I can get).  LE has also been sleeping through the night fairly consistently.  She usually sleeps from about 6 PM until 6 AM, sometimes waking up during the night but not crying or eating at that time.  I weighed her today (I had to finagle it, but I made it work) and she weighs about 13 pounds.  She is eating about 7 ounces of formula each time she takes a bottle.

LE is developing her own little personality.  She loves "dancing" with Ken and her little face just lights up in a smile when he's entertaining her.  LE is still her momma's girl, though!  When she hears my voice, her eyes get wide, she starts looking around for me, and when she sees my face, I'm usually rewarded with the biggest grin.  She is such a happy little one and I thank God daily for bringing her into our lives.

Smiley baby
Momee is funny!
(I am looking forward to hearing her first laugh!)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!  We love you so!

Hey, Mom!  Could you STOP with the pictures already???
Um...'scuse me?  Little help here?
Better watch it!  I'll be moving before you know it!