Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Months

Today marks LE's three month birthday!  To her mother's delight, she has started napping during the day a little (although most naps last only 45 minutes--I'll take what I can get).  LE has also been sleeping through the night fairly consistently.  She usually sleeps from about 6 PM until 6 AM, sometimes waking up during the night but not crying or eating at that time.  I weighed her today (I had to finagle it, but I made it work) and she weighs about 13 pounds.  She is eating about 7 ounces of formula each time she takes a bottle.

LE is developing her own little personality.  She loves "dancing" with Ken and her little face just lights up in a smile when he's entertaining her.  LE is still her momma's girl, though!  When she hears my voice, her eyes get wide, she starts looking around for me, and when she sees my face, I'm usually rewarded with the biggest grin.  She is such a happy little one and I thank God daily for bringing her into our lives.

Smiley baby
Momee is funny!
(I am looking forward to hearing her first laugh!)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!  We love you so!

Hey, Mom!  Could you STOP with the pictures already???
Um...'scuse me?  Little help here?
Better watch it!  I'll be moving before you know it!

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Sue said...

That last picture is totally a ken smith face