Saturday, July 25, 2009

My "Aww-Summ" Sister

Being over seven hours--and many hundreds of miles--away from my sister and her family has caused all of us to use the sometimes limited abilities beyond the phone to communicate. Enter Blogging! Since Sue started her blog awhile ago, I have been able to keep up with the goings on in Indiana and see the great pictures of her family...including my precious nephew. While it is no substitute for the real thing, it has given me a whole new appreciation for what "family" truly means.

All that to say that Sue tagged me as one of "7 fellow bloggers that [she] think[s] [is] Aww-Summ." I am supposed to list 7 things that I think make me "Aww-Summ" and then tag 7 other people. So here goes:
  1. My parents--without whom I would not be here nor come as far as I have.
  2. My husband--who despite my fussing brings out the best in me.
  3. Teaching--I have found what I love to do and, while I am currently VERY happy to be out for the summer, I'm excited to get up and go to school each day.
  4. My friends--both "veteran" and relatively new who build me up and support me no matter what path I choose (and sometimes have to help pick me up and dust me off when I make a huge mistake).
  5. My siblings--I am truly blessed to have a sister and brother with whom I can share memories of our family, whom I love dearly, and who I am proud to say are my friends.
  6. My "bestest" friend on this planet--Cynthia--who, while I don't get to see her as often as either of us would like, has known me and loved me for 35 years (and vice versa).
  7. My precious nephew (and soon to be "new baby")--who has shown me just how wonderful "little people" can be and how excited they get when experiencing EVERYTHING.
So, those are my "7 Aww-Summ" things! And now, I'll tag 7 others to do the same!
  1. Cynthia
  2. Laura M.
  3. Leslie N.
  4. Christa
  5. Jennifer
  6. Susan
  7. Sue

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hurricane Club

Back in 1995, my mother and her friends (Marion, Mott, and Suzanne) made a trip to the beach to stay in our condo for a long weekend. They had barely gotten to Orange Beach when a hurricane appeared in the forecast causing my father to call my mother almost every quarter hour, urging them to pack up and head north, which they ultimately did. This week marks the 14th year that The Hurricane Club, as they have dubbed themselves, has gotten together at the beach. The accommodations may have changed, but the fact that they enjoy getting together--and the laughter that they share--definitely has not. I was fortunate enough to be included this time--as the resident "Bar Bitch" and care-taker. (I was informed that I was getting practice in for "later on.") These ladies know how to have a good time! And, so we did!

Cocktail Hour

Catnapping by the pool

Taking a break from shopping

A young visitor
(A "teenage" Great Blue Heron)

The Hurricane Club

Monday, July 6, 2009

All Good Things...

As with all good things, our family visit came to an end Saturday night when Sue, Nick and Carter headed back north with stops planned for Birmingham and Decatur before returning to Indianapolis today (Monday).

Fortunately, the weather cooperated and we had lots of time for fun this weekend before the Willis' departure.

Carter catching a fish with the help of Dad and Big Pat

Splashing Bamma and Mom in the pool

Uncle Steve reading a Dora book about manners

Big Pat has big shoes to fill!

Lola and Ken soaking up the sun on the dock

And, finally, a video of Carter jumping into the pool. He came SO far this week from just belly-flopping to a full blown jump into the pool!

We all hated to see the Willis clan load up and head out, but we all hope that they can visit us again really soon! Everyone else left either Sunday or Monday and I'll be heading back to the 'Ham tomorrow. (It's awfully quiet around here with everyone gone. I keep expecting to hear a little voice say "More, please!" or break out into "Baa, Baa Black Sheep." I miss y'all already!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Carter's Adventures

Here are some of the things that have been going on around here this week:

Splashing with Uncle Steve in Bamma's Pool

Playing in the sand bucket with water, shells, and Uncle Steve

Carter watching the sailboat with Dad (Nick) and Uncle Steve

Checking out Big Pat's boat with Mom, Dad, and Uncle Steve
(Originally, Carter was NOT a fan!)

Sitting on the dock with Dad and Mom looking for fish

Heading out for a boat ride with Mom, Dad, and Uncle Steve as the captain

Heading back to LBF
(Notice that EVERYONE is up top to take advantage of the breeze!)

Uncle Steve, Carter, and Mom headed back to the LBF dock
(Carter's saying, "Bi' Pap's boat FUN!")

"Unc'a Steve" stylin' in Carter's hat

Riding on a tractor that's older than Aunt B

Trying out Bon's bed

Greeting "Bi' Pap" when he arrived

Carter "dudin' it up" in his Mickey Mouse shades from Bamma

Carter and Bamma reading about Dora going to the dentist

Things will pick up even more tomorrow when even more family arrives to kick off the July Fourth Weekend and the celebration of Big Pat's birthday!