Thursday, July 2, 2009

Carter's Adventures

Here are some of the things that have been going on around here this week:

Splashing with Uncle Steve in Bamma's Pool

Playing in the sand bucket with water, shells, and Uncle Steve

Carter watching the sailboat with Dad (Nick) and Uncle Steve

Checking out Big Pat's boat with Mom, Dad, and Uncle Steve
(Originally, Carter was NOT a fan!)

Sitting on the dock with Dad and Mom looking for fish

Heading out for a boat ride with Mom, Dad, and Uncle Steve as the captain

Heading back to LBF
(Notice that EVERYONE is up top to take advantage of the breeze!)

Uncle Steve, Carter, and Mom headed back to the LBF dock
(Carter's saying, "Bi' Pap's boat FUN!")

"Unc'a Steve" stylin' in Carter's hat

Riding on a tractor that's older than Aunt B

Trying out Bon's bed

Greeting "Bi' Pap" when he arrived

Carter "dudin' it up" in his Mickey Mouse shades from Bamma

Carter and Bamma reading about Dora going to the dentist

Things will pick up even more tomorrow when even more family arrives to kick off the July Fourth Weekend and the celebration of Big Pat's birthday!

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