Monday, July 6, 2009

All Good Things...

As with all good things, our family visit came to an end Saturday night when Sue, Nick and Carter headed back north with stops planned for Birmingham and Decatur before returning to Indianapolis today (Monday).

Fortunately, the weather cooperated and we had lots of time for fun this weekend before the Willis' departure.

Carter catching a fish with the help of Dad and Big Pat

Splashing Bamma and Mom in the pool

Uncle Steve reading a Dora book about manners

Big Pat has big shoes to fill!

Lola and Ken soaking up the sun on the dock

And, finally, a video of Carter jumping into the pool. He came SO far this week from just belly-flopping to a full blown jump into the pool!

We all hated to see the Willis clan load up and head out, but we all hope that they can visit us again really soon! Everyone else left either Sunday or Monday and I'll be heading back to the 'Ham tomorrow. (It's awfully quiet around here with everyone gone. I keep expecting to hear a little voice say "More, please!" or break out into "Baa, Baa Black Sheep." I miss y'all already!)

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Sue said...

We are sad not to be there anymore! We had a great time, though. Hope to make it back soon!