Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Supper

My parents invited us to join them and the Willis family at Davenport's for pizza. Since Ken and I LOVE Davenport's we were happy to join them!

We got to visit with Sue, Nick, Carter and Callen and hear all about the chili cook-off for the Exceptional Foundation that they had attended Saturday while we were in Selma.

Then, Carter explained to us why he had a purple Bandaid on his finger.

Listening while Bamma asks him about his Bandaid

He told us that he "had got some golf on me." This, translated by Sue, meant that he had gotten a blister from gripping and swinging the golf club. I thought it was a pretty accurate account of things.

Miss Callen got lots of face time with her Bamma and me too. She was wide-eyed and watching everything around us, interacting with the staff and anyone else who happened past our table. Bamma and I passed her back and forth and, at one point, she became fascinated with my shirt/shoulder and proceeded to try to chew on it. That was fine with me because, as my mother put it, I owe EVERYONE! I was such a big drooler that I wore a bib until I was two.

Being entertained by Bamma and Uncle Ken

Carter asking us all if we wanted a cracker
(The rest of us said, "No, thank you," so when Nick said, "Yes!" Carter politely pointed to the basket and told him he could get one out of there!)

We had a grand time with everyone and it is such a blessing to be able to get together with the family on such short notice now! I love having the Willis clan back in town! Welcome home, y'all!