Monday, March 11, 2013

1st Birthday

LE is ONE!  Where has this past year gone?  It seems like just yesterday that she arrived!

So proud of herself!
We took her picture as usual on Wednesday, but celebrated LE's first birthday Sunday.  It was wonderful to be able to share the celebration with our family and friends.  LE had a BLAST and was doing her best to keep up with "the big kids."

LE's personal cake
(Vanilla with vanilla buttercream)

The "big people" cake
(Chocolate with vanilla buttercream)

Trying to figure out how the slide works
(Thanks for sharing, Aunt Sue, Uncle Nick, Carter and Callen!)

Daddy introducing LE to the icing on her cake

Playing in the icing

Figuring out how funny this really is

I think the cake was a hit!

Opening presents with lots of help

Callen was glad to help LE open her gifts

This girl LOVES books!
We had a wonderful day--the weather cooperated, LE was her usual pleasant self, and it seemed as though everyone had a good time.  Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate LE's first year.  And to all of those who have helped me make it through my first year as a mom, I will be forever grateful!  I'm looking forward to many more wonderful years!