Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun In The Sun (well, kinda)

LE and I are having a BLAST at the beach!  She is growing and changing so quickly.  It is so much fun for me to watch her do and try new things.

One of the new things that she's been introduced to in the past week is applesauce.  Since she'd tolerated the rice cereal so well, after a week (with Bamma's encouragement), I introduced her to applesauce.  LE seemed to take to it right away.  Now two days later when I'm trying to feed her, she bucks until she can taste it!  I've taken to mixing the rice cereal WITH some applesauce so she gets the taste, but still eats the cereal.

Look how big those eyes are!  I think she likes it.
Ken came down for several days this past week.  It was so wonderful to have him here.  He couldn't get over how big LE has gotten and all the things that she's doing now.  I wanted Ken to be the one to put LE in the pool for the first time and we invited Jackie to come witness LE's "pool debut."  Jack offered to make gumbo (which was FABULOUS), so Ken got the shrimp.  While he was peeling and deveining them, he had more "help" than he wanted!

T.V.'s idea of helping is waiting for a handout.
Sue left a "baby floatie" down here that she had used with Callen.  It's really intended for a baby who can sit up, but since we weren't going to have LE in the pool that long AND we were going to be holding her, we tried it out.  It seemed to work.  LE loved splashing, kicking, and playing in the water.  She even surprised herself a couple of times by splashing herself in the face!
Getting ready

Trying it out

Playing with Jack

Three Generations
We are currently waiting for "the entertainers" to return.   They will be with us for the next week and I have no doubt that things will be going NON-STOP the entire time!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you are all having a blast! I can't believe L.E. is getting so big so fast! Glad to see you initiate her into being a water baby right away! A girl has to like the pool and beach!! Miss you