Monday, May 21, 2012

Hard Working Girl

Before LE was even a blip on the radar, many times Ken would make the comment that "any child of mine will be learning the hardware business early!"  Apparently, he wasn't kidding!  That statement came to fruition this weekend.  Ken Senior went out of town and rather than close the store for the entire time he was gone, Ken asked LE and me to come be "back up" at the store Friday and Saturday.  The purpose of this (as far as I can tell) was for there to be an extra "warm body" there to fill the void, answer the phone, acknowledge customers, etc. especially when Ken would have to go outside to fill propane tanks.  I guess he figured that I would discourage anyone from walking off with the entire store.

LE was a trooper.  This little one was interested in every thing and every one who entered the premises.  We have figured out a few things about our little "fidget"over the past few weeks:  (1) she does not like to miss ANYTHING, (2) she likes to see what is going on around her, and (3) she does NOT like to take a nap during the day!  This last one is particularly hard on her mother, who would like for her to nap during the day, not only so she can get something done, but also so that "the fidget" will not be completely worn out, exhausted, and irritable about 5:00 each day!  But I digress.

LE was perfectly happy to be in the Baby B.jorn facing outward so that she could observe her surroundings.  And, she was fine as long as the person wearing the B.B. (read: "ME") was MOVING in some way, shape, form, or fashion.  I could be walking, bouncing, swaying, or whatever, but if I stood still for more than about 30 seconds, she would let me know in no uncertain terms that this was not acceptable!  Both days we were there, the only time I got to sit down was to feed her, which was about twice a day.  LE liked being in the B.B. so much that she fell asleep in it both days!  But even then, I had to keep moving or she would give a little cry or wake up.  She did allow me to put her in her car seat for a few minutes, but, again, I was her main entertainment.  Ken would take her during some of the down time, but he wasn't successful in teaching her to operate the cash register...yet.

I KNOW you're not planning on leaving me in here.

I'm waiting, people!

Sound asleep!

When we got home both afternoons, she was fussy, so Ken and I took her for a walk in her stroller.  She would conk out and sleep for a little while, and then we would wake her up and get her ready for bed.  After putting her down for the night, I was worn slap out!  Fortunately, Ken took care of dinner both nights while I had a well deserved glass of wine.  Maybe in the near future, Ken will be more successful in putting LE to work!

 Such a cutie!

 Being entertained.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a good "toe dippin'" will bring it all into focus. I certainly hope so. Cannot wait.