Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

As a first time mom, I wasn't really sure what to expect as far as Mother's Day was concerned.  I started about mid-April telling Ken, "You know Mother's Day is May 13."  His first comment was, "I know.  I'll get my mother a card."  Of course, that was NOT why I was beating him over the head with it gently reminding him of it--and he knew that; he just likes to pester me.

The entire weekend was special.  Friday night, Ken and LE took me to for dinner so we could eat sushi.  It was a welcome treat!  We left for dinner at 5:00 since we had "The Fidget" with us.  This was a whole new experience for Ken and me as we had been used to eating out rather late.  We both realized that we have to adjust for the sake of LE and that this is a new "normal" for us.  No more late night dinners unless we have a babysitter!  It's only fair to LE that we work around her schedule, particularly with regard to her bed time.

Enjoying dinner with Momee...

...and Daddy.

Saturday, Ken had to work until 2:00, but as soon as he got home, he took over with LE so that I could go get a much wanted pedicure.  The salon close to our house was covered up and it was going to be longer than I had anticipated, so I texted Ken to let him know that it would be awhile and he told me to take my time; he'd handle things at home.

Shortly after I got home, Ken left to go to the store to get the necessary items for dinner.  His mother, Jackie, was on her way to visit and Ken was cooking dinner for us.  Jack arrived in plenty of time to play with and love on LE and even helped with her bath.  After I put her to bed, Ken, Jack and I ate dinner and solved the world's problems.  Dinner was DELICIOUS and the company was fantastic!

Ken pronounced Sunday as "MY" day, so he pretty much let me do whatever I wanted/needed to do--cook, run errands, etc.  LE gave me a wonderful lime green Vera Brad.ley camera case, iTunes cards, and a sweet card.  Ken informed me that he had already taught her to drive so SHE was the one who purchased the gifts.  (Only after having read two chapters of War and Peace, or so he said.)

After I did all my running around, I got home to LE sleeping on Ken's chest.  I asked him how things had gone and he told me that she pretty much cried the entire time I was gone and had only stopped about 30 minutes prior to me walking in the door.  He said that he just couldn't figure out what she wanted.

When she woke up, she was hungry, so I fed her and she promptly fell right back to sleep.

The Fidget
Full, Comfortable, and Content

I am glad that my first Mother's Day was so wonderful!  Thanks to Ken and LE, it will definitely be one I remember.


Sue said...

Glad you had a great first Mother's Day! LE is growing so fast!

Anonymous said...

The 1st of many to come. Love to all.