Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Things

Saturday, there was all kinds of activity going on around here.  C & C's birthday party was at VCC and LE and I were in attendance.  Bamma was holding LE while I was fixing her lunch and when I started to take her from Bamma, Bamma said, "You didn't tell me LE had a tooth!"  I responded, "I didn't know she had a tooth!  She didn't have one yesterday!"

I am too cute!
See, I have a tooth!
Saturday afternoon, I had a clothing party at my house.  Jackson, who is five days older than LE, came over with his mom, Melissa, and LE and Jackson sat in the floor and entertained each other.  They were having an extremely important conversation.  It made me wish I knew what they were saying.

Hey!  There's another person just my size!

What an enthralling conversation!
We had a busy, full weekend, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  I look forward to more entertaining weekends in the future.

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Anonymous said...

pey and Gra C used to speak babyeze back in the day. Too cute!!