Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day found LE and me at the beach with Bamma, Big Pat, Carter, Callen, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Emily, while Aunt Sue and Uncle Nick went to Dallas for the UA game and Ken stayed at home to work.

Our long weekend (Friday through Tuesday) consisted of a great deal of swimming, playing, napping, and family time.  LE enjoyed spending time with everyone, but particularly Carter and Callen.  She was simply enthralled with all the "busy-ness" that went on when they were around.

Entertaining LE in the ExcerSaucer
LE loves her Exersaucer.  She pulls on all the pieces and just squeals.  We took to moving it outside by the pool so that she could play and watch the "big kids" at the same time.

So fun!

Love from Carter

Enjoying time out side and her hat

LE also learned to screw up her face and breathe, quickly, through her nose.  This made for some extremely funny faces.

You want WHAT????
Callen fell in love with Aunt Em's hat and tried her best to wear it like Aunt Em.  She was a hoot!
Too cute!

 We had just a great time during the weekend that we hated to leave!  But we're looking forward to going back when Ken can join us, which will hopefully be soon.

Big girl sitting (with help) in the chair on the porch

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Anonymous said...

We all had a wonderful time - ther's no place like LBF with all thekiddos.