Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Beach Photos

When we were growing up, at some point in the summer, my mother would have the three of us pose for pictures on the beach.  There was a great deal of moaning and groaning about this from all three of us, but upon reflection I'm glad that she took those pictures.  As we look at them, they bring back many memories of time spent together as a family.

With that in mind, I got Ken and LE up early-ish Sunday morning so we could tromp over to the beach to take some family pictures before it got too hot.  Bamma was our photographer and she got some great shots of all of us.  This was LE's first trip over to the "BEACH beach" (to quote C & C), so I made sure to put her feet in the water and let a few little waves wash over them.  She loved it and splashed her feet in the water.

Our little family

This is the kind of picture Bamma used to take of us--always had sea oats in the background.

LE loves to splash in the water.

She loves it when I "throw" her up in the air.  Look at that smile!

Ken is not always a cooperative participant in pictures--but he does make me laugh.

Studying Daddy VERY closely--you never know what he might do.

Bamma--our picture-taker extraordinaire!
I look forward to more family picture taking opportunities in the future!

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