Sunday, February 5, 2012

"And In The Mo'nin', I'm Makin' WAFFLES!"

Santa Claus brought us a "professional" waffle maker for Christmas--the kind you see at breakfast bars in hotels and such. Ken has been DYING to try it out. So, while I was at the grocery store yesterday, I bought waffle mix. He was THRILLED and spent the rest of the evening quoting "Donkey" from Sh.rek (hence, the title of the post).

He fired up the waffle maker this morning and proceeded to make a mess pretty decent waffle. (Next time, I think I'll watch more closely when he's pouring the batter onto the iron!)

In Progress
(Please note the amount of batter UNDER and ON the waffle iron.)

The Waffle Created Especially For ME!
(I'm not a huge fan of syrup, so I used butter and a little powdered sugar instead.)

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Anonymous said...

What is new? At least he has a new toy. AND he can clean as well as cook.