Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gran Visits LBF

Last Monday through Friday, my almost 92 year-old grandmother, Louise ("Gran" to those of us who are her grandchildren) visited us at LBF. Mom and I drove to Selma early Monday morning, picked her up and brought her down here to stay with us. She brought her "go cart" (walker) with her and could get around quite well with it.

She thought the house was beautiful and definitely liked the woven dining room chairs from Pottery Barn that my mother had picked out. As a matter of fact, her exact words were, "I really like these chairs. I don't think I've ever seen anything like them before."

We sat out on the deck and beside the pool for several days. We also took her for a ride along the beach road so that she could see just how much things had changed from the time that she brought her children, and later her grandchildren, down to Orange Beach.

Steve came down late Thursday afternoon, so he was able to visit with Gran as well. It was nice to have her here and I enjoyed visiting with her.

Here are some pictures from her stay at LBF:

Sunning on the pool deck
(She's using her "go cart" as a foot prop)

Enjoying the breeze on the deck

Drinking lemonade on the deck as the sun sets

Steve, Gran, and Button

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Sue said...

Lemonade for sure !!!!!