Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Monday, Ken and I celebrated our seventh anniversary. (Yes, I'm wondering how he's put up with me that long, too!) We wanted to go to Hot & Hot Fish Club, but they aren't open on Mondays. So we settled for going Tuesday night instead.

The food was delicious, as usual, but the highlight of the meal was the tomato salad. It had heirloom tomatoes, butter beans, corn, fried okra and a balsamic vinegarette that pulled it all together. It was FANTASTIC. So much so, in fact, that I felt compelled to take a picture of it.

Towards the end of dinner, Ken said, "I think Taylor Hicks is sitting over there." And it turns out that he was! It looked like he was having dinner with some friends and just generally relaxing. Ken and I leisurely ate our dinner and were one of the last tables to finish. When we left, it appeared that Taylor and his party had already left, but it turned out that they had only moved outside. We introduced ourselves and told him that it was our anniversary and he graciously agreed to take a picture with us.

It was an exciting end to a wonderful evening!


VIV SAWYER said...

happy anniversary...what a treat to see taylor hicks (i am a hugh fan) and have your picture taken with him. he is so sweet to his fans.

Sue said...

Are you name dropping? Glad you tow had a great night.