Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We had a rather low key Father's Day here at LBF. It started with a message from Sue and Carter wishing "Bi' Pap" Happy Father's Day, followed by a call from Steve doing the same. Then, Mom, Dad, and I had a nice breakfast of fruit, bacon, and beignets from Cafe Beignet. After breakfast, I took it upon myself to run to "Wally World" and purchase a new wireless router. (The one we have been using up and died on us the other day, and I wanted to be sure that a new one was in place before next weekend when the family begins to arrive. That way, anyone who wants to can use his or her own computer whenever he or she wants to without having to wait in line for the one wired computer.)

When I got back, Mom, Dad, and I trooped out to the pool and spent a few relaxing hours soaking up the sun and trying to stay cool. Staying cool proved to be a rather difficult feat, specifically when we were dealing with 90+ degree temperatures and head indices over 100. Even so, Dad enjoyed his time in the pool.

One of the few times this weekend Dad didn't have a project going

Mom & Dad

We are now all (im)patiently waiting for Sunday when our family begins to arrive, which will be in stages. Sue, Nick and Carter will arrive some time Sunday, after attending Stacy's (Nick's sister's) wedding Saturday. Steve will arrive later in the week, followed by Ken either the Thursday or Friday prior to the Fourth. We are all looking forward to a long visit and a great celebration of Dad's birthday on the Fourth of July!

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charlesandlauramontgomery said...

We will be in Orange Beach tomorrow and would love to meet up at some point over the weekend. It sure looks like you are enjoying your summer. You know if you have too much fun, it will only make August harder!!