Sunday, July 17, 2011


And, yes, I'm referring to me as the "slacker." This summer seems to have gotten away from me. I had every intention of doing a better job blogging during my time off this summer, but we all know the saying about good intentions.

In the mean time, here are a few snapshots of what's happened between Memorial Day and now:

Carter helping Big Pat and Uncle Steve hoist the flag on the boat

Callen enjoying a popsicle poolside

"Do Mom and Aunt B REALLY need to take 9000 pictures of us?"

Fire in the State Park that started June 25

Hanging out with/on Bamma in the pool

Loading up for Big Pat's Birthday Cruise and Dinner

C-Buddy and the Director of Childcare Services "up top"

The CEO with the Managing Partner

The Keeper of the Director of Boat Operations with the Director of Boat Operations

Hollywood enjoying her "Ice Cocktail" with the Director of Food and Beverage Services in the background

I think we all have had a great summer so far and, hopefully, I'll do a better job keeping everything "ship-shape" in the near future!

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Anonymous said...

It was all such fun !!!!!
Managing partner