Thursday, July 21, 2011

2 + 4 = 5 Busy Days

Earlier this summer, I agreed to help Bamma keep my nephew and niece at LBF for a week. My sister had requested this as her birthday present so that she could have some "grown up time" and a chance to do some decorating/work around her house. Little did I know how much fun I would have (and how tired I would be) by the end of the week.

I got to LBF about mid-afternoon Monday. As I began to unload my stuff from the car, I heard little voices saying, "Aunt B? You here?" Carter and Callen had awakened from their naps and were ready to play! I quickly brought my things inside and then we all went out to play.

A late afternoon swim in "Bamma's Pool"

Callen decided that she needed to wear Carter's goggles to see

Waiting for the dolphins on the dock by "Big Pat's Water"

Tuesday brought another day of playing in the pool and playing outside. Carter and Callen thought it was great fun to ride their toys on the front deck.

Trying to ride two at a time on the Diego Hot-Wheels

Supervising the drying of Bonsai after his bath

Callen saying, "Nanny Boo Boo," trying to get Carter to chase her

That afternoon, as the sun was setting, we went down to the dock. As luck would have it, the dolphins came into the harbor to feed. There was obviously a young one in the group and he/she kept surfacing and slapping his/her tail on the surface of the water. Just as it was leaving the harbor, it made a HUGE leap completely out of the water! Carter and Callen both saw it and thought it was just the neatest thing EVER!!! As they ate dinner, Bamma told them both that we would be going on an "adventure" tomorrow morning, to which Callen replied, "Swim in Bamma's pool?" We told her that we were going to do that too, but there was something else we were going to do first.

Wednesday morning, we got everyone up, dressed, and out the door just before 7:00 A.M. We headed over into Florida and stopped in Perdido Key at the McD's to get everyone a chocolate shake. Then, we made our way to the Pensacola Naval Air Station to watch the Blue An.gels practice. Carter wasn't sure about the whole situation at first, but he warmed to it quickly once he saw all the planes landing and taking off. He really enjoyed watching the tricks the Angels did and watching them "catch up to each other" for their stunts. The one thing that caught us all off guard (and made us jump about three feet into the air) was the flyover from behind where we were sitting. Callen watched for a little while, but I think she got hot and then kind of dozed off on Bamma's lap.

Showing off her fashionable sun hat

One of the Blue Ang.els formations
(They are only 18 inches apart)

Carter enjoying the "Over the Top" formation

Thursday was Sue's birthday, so we started off the day by calling her and singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Carter and Callen told her all about the Blue Angels. (Callen kept saying, "I ride in the strower, Mommy.") We played in the pool most of the morning and after lunch and naps, they rode and played on the porch.

Bamma, the manicurist

Carter and Callen playing outside and yelling, "Bamma!" through the window

Kicking back, relaxing, while watching Diego

Friday morning, we asked them if they wanted to go swimming before we went to meet Mommy. They both emphatically said, "No!" We spent some time gathering all the toys and clothes they had brought and then went outside on the porch where we played and sang for awhile. Both Carter and Callen would ask periodically, "Are we going to meet Mommy?" and finally, it was time. We met Sue in Greenville and handed off the kiddos.

Mom and I had a GREAT time with them, but we were worn out by the time we got back here Friday night. I do hope that they had as much fun as I did!

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Sue said...

They had fun, too, and are still talking about some of their fun! Thanks for being willing to keep them!