Friday, December 30, 2011

Pre-Christmas Family Dinner

Because of our various schedules and other family get togethers, we all got together the Wednesday before Christmas to celebrate with the Lovoy clan. Dinner was delicious--shrimp with roasted red peppers and tomatoes, salad, bread and tortonis for dessert. (Bamma is one mean cook!)

After dinner, Carter and Callen opened presents from Aunt Emily and Uncle Steve. Carter received a Toy Story alien "fishing" game, Callen received a princess card game and they both received "Hungry, Hungry Hip.pos" to play as well. Of course, they had to try them out immediately and all of us were pressed into service to play.

Checking out the lighted up Christmas house

Steve, Carter, Callen, Sue, and Emily visiting before opening presents

Sue, Big Pat and Carter getting the alien game working

Steve and Emily helping Callen set up the Hippos

Carter and Big Pat fishing for aliens

Carter wins the fishing game

Big Pat, Carter, Bamma, and Callen pause for a picture

Ken acting as his usual self trying to antagonize me

Big Pat is the proud "keeper" of Callen's sucker

Steve, Carter, Callen and Emily play the inaugural game

Callen showing Bamma how to play cards

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Anonymous said...

it was great fun - as always.
love Bamma