Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Phone Call

Yesterday, about 8:00 A.M., my home phone rang. It was my sister, who promptly said, "Somebody wants to tell you something." Shortly after handing the phone off, I heard, "Aunt B, I want you to come play with me." Come to find out that Carter had told Sue that he wanted me to come over and play and for her to leave. How in the world could I say no to that!

I had a few errands to run and Sue wanted to take Carter and Callen to be sized for shoes, so I told her that I'd call her to be sure they were home before I came by.

What a good looking bunch!

I ended up getting over to their house about 11:00 and, as I walked in the door, I heard, "Where is Aunt B?" When Carter saw me, he ran over and I scooped him up. He had been outside playing golf, so we headed out to the backyard.

Sunny wanted NOTHING to do with me! As soon as she saw me, she got a death grip on Sue and puckered up to cry. Sue reassured her that she was not leaving, but Callen was having NONE of it. She would hardly look in my direction, let alone allow me to hold her!

Callen isn't really sure she wants me anywhere near her.

We watched the C-man hit the golf ball for awhile. He was hitting it off a tee and, periodically, he would ask me to "make the tee bigger" for him. (Translation: Make it stick up higher so the ball is way up off the grass.) Of course, I obliged.

Carter was too cute while he was playing. He'd set the ball up on the tee and then squat down to look at it.

Assessing the situation

Connecting with the ball

His hand/eye coordination is fantastic! He was making that ball fly all over the backyard! I really think he has a good shot at being a great golfer.

Not to be outdone, Sunny had some new tricks of her own!

Drinking out of my water glass

Standing up and walking

I also got to help with lunch. Carter requested "chicken nuggets" with peaches and Callen got BBQ, peaches and peas.

Carter getting ready to gobble up his lunch

Callen and her peaches
(Doesn't that look just say "Woman, would you please let me eat in peace without all the flashes?")

I had such a great time visiting with the C-man, Sunny, and Sue! I am so glad they called! And I'm even "gladder" that they are back in Birmingham so I can see them much more often!


Sue said...

Yea! So glad you could come over and visit. After his nap, Carter asked where you were!

Sue said...

It makes a huge difference for all of us that they are Re-placed.