Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beach Weekends

For three of the past four weekends, I've taken off and headed to the beach for long weekends. Ken and I joined "The Hurricane Club" and their other halves at LBF the first weekend of November. We had a GREAT time, even though the lost. The food was fabulous and the company was even better. There were many stories told, a great deal of shouting (and many choice words) during the football game, and an abundance of laughter. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a WONDERFUL weekend.

John, Daddy, and Frank about to head out

Everyone settling in to watch the game

Suzanne and Mom

Marion, Mott, Suzanne, and Mom

Ken and Tish

After the Hur.ricane Club left Sunday, we went to meet Jackie at the Flora-Bama and then out to dinner. It was great to see her and hang out for awhile.

Ken, me, and Jackie at the F.B.

Since the next Thursday was Vet.eran's Day, Mom and I both took Friday off school. She and Daddy headed south Wednesday about 5:00, with me following behind about an hour later. They encountered numerous police cars on the road and called periodically to remind me to take it slowly, find out where I was, and let me know where they were. (I love that!) I, on the other hand, saw only one police car, but I did see eight does along the side of the highway. When I finally arrived at the beach, it was about 10:30 and, boy, was I ready to be there!

Thursday was a GORGEOUS day. Mom and I spent part of the morning brushing and bathing the dog. After that, the rest of the day was spent sitting out on the dock reading. I got a little too much sun, but it was worth it! The fish were constantly jumping, there was a nice breeze, and the temperature was perfect--not too hot and not too cool. Dad cooked some delicious steaks on "The Egg," which we paired with sauteed mushrooms and baked potatoes for a yummy dinner.

I had told Mom that I wanted to go to Dil.lard's at some point during the weekend, so we decided to do our shopping Friday. We started at O.T.P.--to purchase a few new martini glasses and then moved on to the's outlet in Foley, checking a few other shops while we were there. We then headed over to Pensacola where we had a nice lunch at Pan.era, checked out World Mar.ket, B3, and then went on to Dillard's. At Dillard's, I found a great short, blue dress to wear and a cute pair of gold shoes. (I LOVE Dillard's! I wish there was one in Bir.mingham!) After that, we went to Joe Pat.ti Seafood and got shrimp for Shrimp au Vin for dinner and then headed back to LBF. We started watching Forget Paris and then fixed dinner. It was a relaxing evening.

This morning, Dad, mom, and I went out on the boat. Dad trolled for while hoping to catch something. We saw lots of birds and bait, but got no bites. We came back, had a bite to eat and started watching football.

A beautiful day on the water

Heading out

Mom piloting while...

...Dad does a little of this

And, now, it's Thanksgiving and I'm back at the beach! (Who knew?!?!?) Ken should be arriving shortly. Jackie is coming over to have Thanksgiving dinner with Ken, Mom, Dad, and me this afternoon and I'm sure I will have more to share from this weekend later on!

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