Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

(This a REALLY picture heavy post! Sorry; they were just too good not to share!)

With my family, when we do something, we do it ALL THE WAY or not at all. So, Memorial Day Weekend was no exception! The whole family--Mom, Dad, Sue, Nick, Carter, Callen, Steve, Emily, Ken and I--spent the long weekend at LBF. The general premise for being down in Orange Beach was that we were going to have Callen's "Toe Dippin' Ceremony," but no one in my family ever really needs an excuse to go to the beach!

Mom, Dad, Ken and I arrived late Wednesday afternoon. Sue, Nick, Carter and Callen rolled in late Thursday night. Even with the late night arrival, the pace really picked up Friday morning. Carter and Callen, both, hit the ground running, so to speak.

Carter helping Big Pat unload the coolers
(Every time he picked up a Blue Ice, he would say, "Oooo! It's cold!)

Shortly thereafter, we hit the pool. Carter was a little reluctant at first and only wanted Sue to catch him, but he warmed up pretty quickly after a few jumps in the pool. He even let me catch him a time or two. The one who surprised me was Callen. She is a TRUE waterbaby! She just LOVED being in the pool. She figured out, rather quickly, that she could splash in the water with her hands and by kicking her feet, she could move around in her "floaty." She had so much fun and entertained all of us!

Kicked back and coolin' in the pool

Carter on a mission
(Probably heading to dump more toys in the pool)

Callen kicking her feet to move around the pool

Emily and Steve both came in Friday night. Saturday morning, Carter was so excited to see them both and want them both, IMMEDIATELY, to play with him in the pool.

Uncle Steve "throwing" Carter from his hands

All the excitement was just too much for some people

Even with the awful mess along the coast in Louisiana, it had not yet arrived in Orange Beach Sunday afternoon. We all made the trip to the beach so that Callen could have her toes dipped.

The Beach marred only by seaweed and storms May 31, 2010

Callen just LOVED the water
(She takes after her Bamma!)

Carter, on the other hand, wasn't having ANY of it!
(He had to be bribed with ice cream just to let Nick put his feet in the water and he had a death grip on Nick when his feet went in.)

Callen was very interested in Uncle Ken's sunglasses

Steve and Emily supervised Carter in the sand

Nick, Carter, Sue, Callen, Emily, Steve, Button and Ken

Big Pat and Bamma with Carter and Callen

I think it's safe to say that we all enjoyed the long weekend! I know I'm biased, but I think my family is just THE GREATEST EVER!!!

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Sue said...

What a great pictorial memory !!!!! It was really too much fun. Cannot wait to get back. The Ham is not quite the same.