Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day in Orange Beach was spent in a relatively low-key manner. The biggest thing that was done related to the landscaping at LBF. My parents recently had grass, citrus trees, muhley grass, and gardenia bushes installed. There was only one minor problem--when the grass was planted, the landscaper inadvertently covered the access to the water on the pier. So, my dad set out to try to find exactly where it was so the landscaper could come and cut the grass from around it.

Dad had his own way to set about the task. He decided that he needed to set up a grid to tell exactly where he had already searched. Mom and I were there to provide the "feet" to keep the grids in place.

Getting ready to set up a grid in the yard

Sticking rods in the ground to try to locate the water shut off


This was an interesting process, but I'm glad he was able to locate it so he can get access to the shut off valve for the water on the pier. YAY DAD!!!

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