Monday, January 7, 2013

10 Months

See me!

Sunday, LE was 10 months old.  We also discovered that she has a seventh (!) tooth coming in.  Bamma said that at the rate she's getting teeth, she will be losing them by the time she's three.

LE is continuing to grow and delight us.  She is crawling at high speeds, entertaining herself with her toys, and attempting to pull up.  She can pull herself up onto her knees, but she hasn't figured out how to get her feet up under herself yet.  I have no doubt that she will get there in the near future.

Ken and I so enjoy spending time with her.  She is such a happy child and has such a sunny disposition.  LE is a true joy to us and we love her so much!

You know this is all about me, right?

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