Monday, December 3, 2012

Visit to Santa

This past Sunday, Sue invited LE and me to join her, Carter, and Callen at the Country Club to have brunch and see Santa.  LE and I were delighted to do so!

We got there just before 11:00 and got in line to see Santa.  When LE got her turn, she sat on Santa's lap and was simply fascinated with him.  She kept looking at him like she was trying to figure out what he was doing, but she didn't throw a fit and I was pleased with that.  I didn't have an opportunity to take a picture with my camera, but I did snap a couple of pictures of C & C with LE.

Two Precious Kiddos!
What a good looking crew!
We had such a great time!  Thank you to Sue, Carter and Callen for inviting us to join them.

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