Monday, November 5, 2012


Sunday was a great day of celebration in our household.  LE was baptized!  It was such a wonderful day and a blessing to have all of our family around us.  LE wore the dress I had smocked before she was born as her christening dress and I was so pleased that it still fit.

Meeting up with the family before the service
Loving on Bamma while Aunt Emily & Uncle Steve look on

Getting some love from Aunt Sue and Callen
I could not have asked for a better baby during the service.  She entertained herself in our pew during Mass (although she did get a little fussy right before the baptism).  While we were gathered around the baptismal font, she was enthralled by the water bubbling in it and when it came time to be "sprinkled," she reached out for the water in the font.  Ken pulled her little hand away, but Father McDade said, "Let her play in it if she wants to."  Little did he know how much of a water baby she is!  LE stuck her hand in the water and there it stayed until the process concluded.

After we all processed back to the front of the church, Ken and I went up on the altar and Father sat her on the altar saying, "This is the ONLY time you will ever be allowed to sit on the altar!" which, of course, got a chuckle from everyone.  After pronouncing her "...truly a child of god," the congregation clapped and she looked around the room at all those people.  I believe that LE was enjoying being the center of attention.  (I wonder WHERE she gets that???)

After the service, we took some pictures and then headed back to our house for a full blown family lunch of spaghetti, meatballs, Italian sausage, salad, bread and, of course, CAKE!  The cake from Olexa's was beautiful and it tasted heavenly!

LE with her proud Mommee and Daddy

Our little family with LE's godparents, Cynthia and Brad

What a wonderful blessing!

So precious to us!

With Callen (and Callen's boots)

Loving from Aunt Melissa

Beautiful Monogrammed cake from Olexa's

It tastes as good as it looks!

I feel so blessed to have had everyone join us for LE's baptism.  It was a special day and to have family and friends celebrate with us made it all the more enjoyable!


Anonymous said...

A great day for a wonderful lady !!!!

Jennifer Greer said...

She is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing her special day!!