Monday, March 26, 2012

The Willis' Visit

Since my sister had been in Pho.enix when LE arrived, she was only able to come to the hospital Friday before we headed home Saturday. She said that C & C were so excited to meet LE, but that she told them they would need to wait until she got home from the hospital. I told her that I wanted them to come over as soon as possible to meet the newest member of the family, so we made arrangements for them to come over Sunday.

Carter had a soccer game that afternoon, so they arrived shortly after he had played. Callen hadn't had a nap, so she was a little reserved. Sue scooped up LE and proceeded to unwrap her. She announced that she "loves little baby bird legs and arms with all the extra skin hanging off them!" She really made me laugh. Carter wanted a turn holding LE and he loved on her a little. Then Nick took a turn. Everyone tried to get Callen to hold her and love on her, but she was having NONE of it! Nick even tried to bribe her with five whole M&Ms--Carter begged her to kiss LE so they could have some, but she just wouldn't give in. She finally put out her finger and let LE grip it, but that's as close as she got. We decided that she was a little jealous that Sue had been loving on LE because when Sue passed her off to Nick, Callen climbed in Sue's lap and snuggled up to her. (Later, at home, Sue asked her what she thought of LE and Callen kept saying, "She's so little!" Sue figured that part of her reluctance was the fact that she hadn't been around little bitty babies before.)

Hanging out in the Mama.Roo

Aunt Sue checking out LE's "bird legs"

Kisses from Aunt Sue

Carter loving on LE

Carter looks like an "old pro" holding LE

Uncle Nick is a natural!
(Of course, he's had lots of practice.)

Callen checking out LE

Nick telling Callen that LE will give her FIVE M&Ms if she kisses LE

Carter shows Callen how easy it is.

The thought of M&Ms makes Callen consider giving LE some loving.

The Willis clan with the newest addition to our family

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Anonymous said...

You deserve for LE to be the "diva in training." Great pics