Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day

Friday, school let out at 11:30 for the impending "blizzard" that was headed to Alabama. When I left school at 11:45, the snow was indeed falling at a rapid pace, but it wasn't sticking to the roads. It was, however, extremely cold for my taste and the snow was accumulating on the grass and rooftops, so after a quick trip to Wal-Mart, I headed home to check on Lola and warm up.

Lola and I spent a considerable amount of time napping on the couch. When Ken got home, shortly after 5:00, we went outside to visit with the neighbors. Ryan and Melissa's daughter, Mattie, was thoroughly enjoying being outside in the snow and decided the best way to enjoy it was to crawl through it.

Crawling through our front yard

Ryan dusting Mattie off
(Notice all the snow on her pants & shoes)

Lola is happy to have a playmate

After spending about an hour outside, we all decided that we were sufficiently cold and headed indoors for warmth. Now, if only it doesn't snow tonight as they are forecasting. Is it time for Spring yet?

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